Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we rent the event venue for one night?
A: No, in order to make sure there is ample time to set up and tear down, the event venue must be rented for a three-day minimum. 
Q: Are pets allowed to stay in the Cabins?
A: Dogs are allowed in the Sherpa Lodge but are NOT allowed in Mt Rainier National Park. Therefore, your dog must stay at the cabin, in a kennel, while you enjoy the mountain. There is an additional $35 pet fee for your stay and we ask that your additional guest is well behaved while you're out exploring!  Any damages or noise complaints while at the cabin will result in additional fees added to your stay.
Q: Are there additional chairs & tables on the property for the event venue?
A: Aside from the wooden benches and the large table in the pavilion, there are no additional chairs or tables. This is something you'll need to consider when planning for your event.
Q: Is firewood available on-site? 
A: We offer one complimentary bundle for your stay, no other firewood is available on-site.
We recommend that you stop in at Jacobs Barbershop and pick up the needed bundles for your stay!  They are located less than a mile from the cabin.
Q: Can additional guests camp? 
A: Due to changes in the Venue camping will no longer be provided. Please look into additional

accommodations for your guests.
Q: How many guests can we have at the Event Venue?
A: Max 35  

Due to limited parking in the area and services, the venue can hold up to 35 guests.  Please consider this when looking at the venue for your special day, if you choose to invite more guests you may be asked to leave the premises or will be asked to pay $150 per person, at the owner's discrepancy.  Max of 10 cars at the venue is all the room available.  The Ashford community is small and doesn't have services like Lyft or Uber in the area, please keep this in mind.  Please be respectful of Ashford and its residents and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.
Q: Does the Sherpa Lodge have a Hot Tub?
A: Yes!! The Sherpa Lodge has a private hot tub that heats up to 104 degrees. Enjoy the

forest views and starry nights while relaxing in the hot tub!
Q: Do we offer Catering or Decorating for the Event Venue?
A: We do not provide catering or wedding planning services. Additionally, there is not an on-site coordinator to handle supplying decorations or set up and takedown.

We recommended you look around the area for local restaurants that can help you coordinate some of your catering needs.
Q: Do you offer 1-night stay's?
A: We require a two-night minimum. However, we are open to working with you for special requests, please text or call!  An additional charge of $75 will be applied to any approved 1 night's stay.

Need more information?

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