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Guest Book Comments & Testimonials
We've taken great care sharing our guest comments, thoughts, poems, remembrances, experiences & even a few drawings to respect the guest's privacy.
Operating since May of 2005, we have volumes of what I fondly call, "The Cabin Diaries". When I laid that first guest book in the cabin I had no idea how valuable it would become. I offer these comments to & not just to say something of how proud I am of the cabin or how great it is to stay here. I never knew that this little cabin would mean so much to so many guests. As I try to choose just a handful of comments, I laugh, I smile, I am thankful & I often have tears of joy, empathy & heartbreak for those guests who shared their vacation & life stories.
Come read the guest book & you will see what I mean. 

Above all, we, I, want happy guests who know that we will always do our utmost best to make every single guest's stay special and their private information secure.
Thank you & I wish you all the best the World has to offer, Andrea Brannon, Owner & Operator
Cabin Diary; Volume VII 

"What an amazing place! A perfect getaway before we hike the mountain to be married. Thank you so much for everything. I can't imagine a better/more fitting place to start our life-long adventure. Love, The Bauers

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