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Frequently Asked Questions
What is your venues' capacity?
We are able to provide for small groups, up to 40, or so, guests, attending a wedding or a one day event.

However, depending on how, and if you are planning multiple nights stays & how you'd like to arrange for you and your guest's overnight accommodations, Altimeter Cabin can sleep six, the rv site can accommodate a 30' rv, and there are six camp sites that can accommodate 2-4 persons per site. There is also ample other lodging properties very close to our venue.

Catering options?
Absolutely! We have several caterers in the area, or your wedding planner may set up their own. While we recommend that our guests choose a professional caterer that is licensed and insured, we are also open to those who wish to self-cater.  

What kitchen facilities are available?
Altimeter Cabin has a small kitchen, but is not designed for a group event. The majority of your event will be held in and around the Mountain Gazebo. Your event is considered an outdoor event. There is no licensed kitchen onsite. We are planning to add however a vintage trailer which will have access to running water that will include a propane bar-b-q grill. We are happy to offer these amenities to visiting caterers and those who wish to bring in their own food.
What is your policy on alcohol?
You are welcome to bring in your favorite beer, cider, wine and champagne. We ask you to moderate the  hard liquor you will serve, please. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed and insured bartender. Creekside Estate requires two contracted bartenders for any event exceeding 150 guests.
How is set up and clean up handled?
Creekside Estate will set up tables and chairs for your event, and tear down those items at the end of the evening. The client will be responsible for returning the property (as well as the Bridal Suite and Groom's Cottage) to the state that it was provided to you. This includes clearing tables, removing your linens, placing all trash in designated containers, cleaning and returning any items borrowed from Creekside Estate, and taking with you all personal items at the end of the evening.
How do I reserve my date?
In order to hold your date, we will need a signed rental agreement and reservation fee in the amount of 50% of the package price. Final payment and a $1000 (refundable) damage deposit is due 90 days prior to your scheduled event.
What happens if I need to cancel or postpone?
We understand that sometimes life happens and although our reservation fee is non-refundable, Creekside Estate will gladly offer a one time change of date (subject to current pricing and availability) if desired.
What are your venue's insurance requirements?
You will need to obtain general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. The policy must include host liquor coverage (if you are planning to serve alcohol at your event) and name Creekside Estate and Vineyard LLC as an additional insured. If coverage is not available through your existing renters or homeowners insurance, a single day event policy can be purchased through or A copy of the certificate of insurance must be submitted to Creekside Estate at least 60 days prior to your event.
How many guests can the Kelley Farm accommodate?
Three hundred guests maximum inside the barn, more capacity available with the rental of an additional tent.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?
We require a deposit to reserve your date. The remainder is due two months before your event date. Cancelation of your event results in forfeit of the deposit.

What services does the rental fee include?
Our rental fee includes use of the barn, bridal cottage, and upper grounds on your wedding day. The use and setup of tables and chairs is also included. Projector and screen included. Two arbors are available for use. A Kelley Farm host will be on site the duration of your event.

Is the rental fee cheaper if we book a weekday or an off-season date?
Yes, please see our rates section for details on discount days.

Are there any additional costs, cleaning fees or liability insurance required?
A damage deposit is required and will be refunded after your event. We will assist you in securing the required insurance for your event. Policy cost is usually around $285.

Does the Kelley Farm charge a ceremony site fee?

Are other events scheduled at the farm on the same day?
There may be other events scheduled in the lower field on the same day as your event but we only host one event at the barn and upper grounds per day.

What time does our event need to end?
The barn and bridal cottage need to be cleaned and empty by midnight.

Is there a day-of host on site? What role will this person play?
Yes the Kelley Farm will provide you with an on-site host to assist in setup, takedown and your ceremony. The host does not "coordinate" or run the schedule of your wedding day events.

Do you host rehearsals?
Yes. We are happy to welcome you for $200 rate.

Is there a backup plan for inclement weather should we decide to have an outdoor wedding?
Yes our barn always provides a beautiful indoor space for wedding ceremonies or receptions. We can comfortably seat 300 people for an indoor ceremony. You may also consider renting a tent.

How much time will I have for decor setup? Can I add hours to my package?
Our rental includes 10 hours of time. You can choose to use that time however you wish. Additional time can be purchased for $200 per hour.

Does the Kelley Farm host gay weddings?
Of course, we welcome all events!

Where can I find nearby overnight accommodations for my guests?
The Kelley Farm has a partnership with the Hampton Inn in Puyallup. Our clients can book rooms for discounted rates!

Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to the farm?
We have one A-frame sign to direct guests to the farm's entrance. You may want to add decor or additional signage.

Who is in charge of setup and takedown on the wedding day? What is the timeframe for this?
The Kelley Farm will provide the setup of tables and chairs. It will also setup the stage or arbor/trellis if you choose to use those items. The rest of the setup is up to you. You may begin setup as soon as your rental time begins, and all takedown needs to be complete by midnight.

What is your alcohol policy?
Alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender through one of our preferred caterers.

What is your smoking policy?
No smoking is allowed in the barn or near entrances.

Can we choose our own caterer or must we pick from a select list?
We require that you select from our list of qualified and experienced caterers.

Will I need to get a liquor license?
No. That will be provided by your caterer or bartender.

What about parking?
The Kelley Farm has plenty of parking for your guests. Signs will designate parking areas to the South and East of the barn.

Does the Kelley Farm have a dance floor?
We do not have a dance floor, but our stained concrete barn floor works well for dancing!

Does the Kelley Farm have arbors for my ceremony and/or a stage?
The farm has two arbors available for ceremonies, included in your rental. We also have a small and large stage that can be rented.

Can we celebrate with rice, bubbles, flower petals, candles and/or fireworks?
We welcome bubbles! Candles can be used in hurricanes or other containers. Flower petals may be used but will need to be swept up before the end of the event. Fireworks and rice are not allowed.