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Altimeter Cabin at Mt. Rainier
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Guests' Comments...

    We thought we'd take this opportunity to share with you some of the comments from Altimeter Cabin's guest book. If you are coming for a visit to Mount Rainier, we hope you enjoy your stay as much as they did!


"Even though I live and work in the Puget Sound, I don't always get to enjoy all it has to offer, what with my work commitments, but we sure did have an awesome time here during my winter staycation.

First off just let me say that we were able to fit 39 people in the hot tub thus beating Lou Whittaker's record from the 1970's (This is a reference to a passage in his book about when he used to own this cabin).

Loved the cabin and would very much like to return with the kids. Made some great meals, including crab cakes, steak a poirre and mushroom risotto, drank some nice Washington wines, watched movies, read books in the loft, soaked in the hot tub (with 37 of our newest aquainances) and in general re-charged our batteries for the next stretch of sea level crazia.

Thanks for running such a great little place."
- Clay & Elizabeth, Seattle, WA

"To our host & other guests:"

"We had a wonderful stay here at Altimeter Cabin! We thought this place was so wonderful that we started dreaming of having our own in the Smokey Mountains!

Our first day we hiked to Gobbler's Knob. It was a wonderful hike. What a vista! Tomorrow we plan to go into the park and take the 3 mile hike to Reflection Lake... and then we have to go home... so sad.

We especially appreciated that Andrea left us Resses's peanut butter cups after my husband filled in the "Special Requests" blank in our online reservation form, on a whim. I love Resses! We thought it was so cute!

This trip is just what we needed... time away, fresh air and the time together! Thanks so much!"
- Rachel & Byron, Nashville, TN

"It is our 11th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed the cabin and felt completely relaxed & at peace. We actually played with Lincoln Logs and read ghost stories to each other at bedtime. Enjoyed the hot tub and looking at the stars. I could actually feel the stress actually drain awayfrom the everyday hub-bub. Where we live we can hear the trains all night. We really enjoyed the quiet. Thank you for everything."
- Chad & Vicki, Madison, WI

"My husband and I had a wonderful relaxing time at the cabin. It was a great way to spend my 50th birthday. Next time we will bring our daughter- she would love this place. Thank you again."
- Gina & Cash, Edmonds, WA
(Note: Gina won this trip on the VisitRainier.com website contest!)

"We are so lucky to have found this little treasure! We are all the way from Connecticut and our stay here will be one of our top memories. Everything was wonderful and the accommodations so helpful since we were traveling with 2 little ones. My son loved the movies and Lincoln Logs. Thank you for making this part of our trip so special.
Warm regards, the Rydingswards

"My husband surprised me with a great night away for my birthday. This was just perfect for that; so peaceful and quiet and cozy. (We have 3 small boys so those adjective rary apply in our life right now.) We loved the cabin, so clean and homey. We enjoyed reading some of the many books available (again, reading just for pleasure doesn't really happen much right now in this stage of life).We got to enjoy the hot tub twice and one of the movies, too. And, finally, we slept in until 10am! That has not happened in at least 6 + years! What a wonderful night away."
- Clinton & Sarah, McChord AFB, WA, USA
p.s. "Thank for the Military discount. With those little ones, growing up so fast, we sure do appreciate the break for our budget!!!"

"Wow! What a beautiful place! After a holiday filled with driving and camping at a handful of the National Parks around the United States, we wanted a little luxury at the end and this was the perfect place. It is beautifully decorated and furnished.

We thought the last place was going to be our favorite (sleeping in a giant dog/cabin in Idaho!) but now it is very hard to decide. Thank you for providing a great end to what has been a great trip. One night was not nearly enough."
- Judith & Matt, Hastings, England

"I LOVE this place! 5 stars! Outstanding accommodations. If this cabin doesn't have it, one doesn't need it. The only thing we would have liked is a few more nights, which, of course, was up to us.

As a hospitality professional, and being very detail oriented, I can almost always find several items needing improving, but not on this property. You have outdone most of the four & five star hotels that I have stayed and/or worked in.

Thank you. Tammi has maintained the cleanliness to the highest standards, as well. Combine the cabin and ameneties with its close proximity to one of our Nation's great national parks and I find it to be an ideal get-away."
- Jon, Vail Colorado
p.s. "I really cannot list all the numerous things I love about Altimeter Cabin..."

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin! We enjoyed the peaceful outdoors and cozy cabin. I talked to Andrea on the phone about how much I liked the cabin on the website (we Googled it from the plane into Seattle, and I like her site the best). Now, that I've been here, I definitely agree the website does not do this amazing place justice. You have to be here and experience it just to know how wonderful it is. We are on our way back up to the Park, now, and hope to see you again sometime!"
- Lauren & Andy, Virginia Beach, VA

"Altimeter Cabin proved to be the perfect respite during our visit to Mt. Rainier. Staying one night just is not long enough and in the future we hope to return as Mr. & Mrs. Norton. Thank you for this peaceful escape from our busy, bustling lives in Seattle. The experience on the mountain and in the cabin met our expectations and more.

We enjoyed the hot tub and had fun with the colorful light setting on the control panel. My boyfriend had a very good time grilling steaks and we both practiced putting. After dinner, I sang and played folk songs on my mother's vintage nylon stringed guitar. We had a blast feeling an intimacy and kindreded to the cabin right away. It is difficult to head back to our noisy apartment and roommates. You have such a lovely cabin and we are honored to be a part of this place."
- Kaitlin & Gregory, Auburn, WA

"Thank y'all so much for providing such an incredible experience! The history of this cabin is so rich! A pleasant thought when stepping into the hot tub to think of all the mountain guide who warmed weary bones in soothing water under the same stars (different tub, I'm sure!). We were going hiking, today, but got too involved with all the amusing amentities the cabin offers.I have to say that my wife is a very sore loser when it comes to Scrabble. Maybe I should have asked her about board games before we got married last week. Anyway, the cabin and history are beautiful. Can't wait to come aagain. In the meantime, I am going to sweep up my new bride and head off to our next destination..."
- Ryan & Mallory, Athens, GA

"Enjoyed the wonderful cabin- can't wait to come back- wish it was in Baltimore!
- John & Eileen, Baltimore, MD

"To the reader,

This was a getaway I have been looking for for a while. I proposed to the most beautiful woman in the world and she said... "yes!" This place has found aspecial place in our hearts. Great chance to get away from the kids and enjoy each other. This place has absolutely everything I would ever think of needing (and my fiancé was equally impressed. Boy, was I happy about that!). The only thing was I wished for a few more nights longer.

Hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.

- Gabe & Angela, Puyallup, WA

"Love this warm & cozy cabin - just the perect size to a weekend retreat. We were lucky enough to be visiting when they were having the annual wine-tasting event in Ashford. Had a great time & make some amazing people.

Mt. Rainier is absolutely breathtaking. Narada Falls is beautiful as well. Some trails were not open due to weather, but all the more reason we will be back. We live in Steilacoom, WA, but will soon be re-locating to El Paso, TX. Such is a busy life in the military.

Thanks for a lovely stay and a last long look at our life in Washington State. But, I hope that our path will lead us back."
- Terra & Billy, Ohio & Tennesse

"Thank you for the lovely, historical place to spend our 25th wedding anniversary."
-Tim & Linda, Miami, FL

"Thank you for your warm welcome. We appreciated our time here. What a peaceful and magic place. In fact, in my friend's French version of this note he used, the word magic, twice. I'm not sure if she meant "beautiful" (magnifique") or "magical", but both will describe. Thank you for everything."
- Maud, Francais & Quentin, Paris, France

"Everything was perfect. The cabin is so well-appointed-clearly from the heart. Cozy, snug, comfy, warm. We will definitely recommend Altimeter Cabin to our friends. Thanks for keeping a piece of Rainier history alive."
- Tray & Scott, Austin TX

"Thanks for a lovely couple of days. The cabin was very comfortable with all we needed. 'Had a clear day when we summated Rainier and to see what seemed like the whole world in all God's glory. We felt so rejuvenated (comfy beds!) and even after a nice late breakfast, had the energy to hike up to some other trails into the fields and meadows of extraordinary wildflowers. What a place! There are really no words... Many thanks!"
- Kelly & Kay, New York, NY

"We should lie to say "Thank you!" We enjoyed 4 wonderful days:
-Mount Rainier, its surroundings and impressive nature.
-The weather was showing us its best side.
-Our "nature house" was really nice!

Beside the good equipment and the beautiful wooden inside construction, the owner gives a feling of to be welcome... As an example: We never found a cabin with a bouquet of different fresh spice plants in the kitchen. We didn't miss anything- only to stay longer."
- Christine & Eberhard, Rostock, Germany

"My Sister said
this evening
a poem I must write
It is what I am known for
To not, would not be

So on the porch this evening
A glass of wine in hand
Reflecting on our day
Well spent-
Mountainous and grand!

Rainier- it is magnificent!
Your cabin- it is too.
We sisters came from Iowa
(A getaway for two).

We thank you for the solitude
And peace each evening shared.
We so enjoyed our stay here
It's evident you cared.

We hope to come this way again-
But doubtful it would seem.
We're not getting any younger,
But one can always dream."

- Doria & Dee, Iowa City, IA

- And the Springstead's return...

"The Springstead family was back for a fun Father's Day weekend. We spent another great day on Mineral Lake fishing of the dock & then the boat. We caught six fish & let a li'l guy go. We remembered to bring the back to the cabin this time! Really delicious on the bar-b-q grill. Great campfire, soak in the hot tub for mom & dad while the kids played cards. And later they let dad win a hand! Nice big breakfast... more good memories! Such a nice, cozy get-a-way! We will be back ľagain!"
- The Springsteads, Tacoma, WA

"Fabulous 2day/1night much-needed family get-a-way! This cozy little cabin is just what we needed! We had a blast fishing on Mineral lake on a pontoon boat! 'Caught 4 trout, lost 1, cleaned 3... came back to grill them at the cabin... but lost them along the way?! Ha! Made a nice fire, BBQ'd corn, burgers & brats. Mama got a nice, much needed bubble bath- uninterrupted in a claw foot tub! AAHHH... Games, s'mores & daddy's snores! Hummingbirds, putt-putt golf, French press coffee pot & cocoa in the lazy morning. All that we needed... and cozy white robes??? A perfect memorial get-a-way for this family... with a dad who's traveling a lot these days, a busy senior who is going off to college... meant the world to have this special time all together as a family. Many laughs shared, new memories made. Sad to leave, but we'll be back again this summer. Thank you for sharing this treasure of a place with us... it is a real gem!"
- The Springstead Family, Tacoma, WA
p.s. "The kids want to live here!"

"Such goodness here. We only drove up from Graham, but it feels a world away. We have really enjoyed our stay!"
- Brett & Angela, Graham, WA

"I had big hopes in this little cabin... My husband is leaving for training and I won't see him until July. Then he will be off soon after that to some scary part of the Middle East. So, I needed to find a place to spend some alone time- no cell phones, kids or crazy pets.

Your cabin is a little bit of heaven and far exceeded my expectations in soooo many ways. It is clean, cute & has so many little touches they add up to the best stay we had ever had."
- Amy & Jay, Bonney Lake, WA

"This is my 3rd time here & my sister's 2nd. Love it as much now, as ever! Pretty soon I'll be considering it my home away from home. Thak you for everything and Tammi is an amazing housekeeper (maybe she could come to my house?) See you again, soon!"
- Dorothy & Vicky, Bothell & Edmonds, WA

"We arrived via motorcycle to enjoy a few days in the mountains. The Altimeter Cabin proved just the right coziness, amenities, & location for our much-needed escape. Quality of linins, robes for the hot tub, attention to detail brought it all together. Thanks!"
- Linda & Mike, Portland, OR

"The cabin is adorable! Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas get away. The kids loved sleeping in the loft. We went up to the forest service lands and cut a small tree, had so much fun decorating it (will be interesting to get it home in the car, though) and ate too much great food. We so ejoyed our time away from a "city Christmas" and can't wait to have a "country Christmas again, next year!
- Lisa, Haily, Forest & Veronica, Tri-Cities, WA

"We have enjoyed two fabulous days, here at the cabin. Yesterday, my husband and I put on our best and with our children and family close at our sides, re-newd our vows after 20 wonderful years. We will always cherish this weekenk, this cabin, and of course, each other. We are so blessed!"
- Rich & Staci, Puyallup, WA

"We had such a great stay. 'Love the spirit of the cabin and the trails and the snow... Inspired by the history of this cabin, here is a quote from Jack London. Thought you might enjoy it.

""So a health to a man on trail this night, may his grub hold out, may his dogs keep their legs, may his matches never miss fire. God prosper him, good luck go with him. And, may the northern star guide him all night long.""

"Happy New Year!"
- Alla & Olga, Hometown: The World